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Big Fish, Big Count | San Diego Sports Fishing

Big Fish, Big Count

Wed, Oct 29, 2008

Captain's Log, The Long Run

January 22, 2010

Handcaught Bluefin in January! 35 and 50 pounders!!

My first mate Kevin has done it without the boat this time…
Apparently the tuna pins are not made for this weather. At least we didn’t have to run into one to get some Toro!

“You just never know what the Pacific is going to give up… Decided to do a little beach combing after the big storms, thinking to myself that it might be a good day for it, but I never expected this…

Thought I was dreaming when I came across several bluefin tuna fresh dead, and a few others just barely clinging to life in the shallow surf. Even the live ones looked like they had taken one hell of a beating. Most of the ones I saw were probably between 30 and 50 pounds. Carried a 50# and a 35# back to the truck (in separate trips of course) and let the ocean take back the rest. Good thing I had my fishing license with me…”

January 16, 2010

Last night on The Long Run we caught over 2000 pounds of Calamari for 5 guys… 57 Humbolts from 25-50 pounds! I’ve never seen them this big or this dense in 24 years locally. Come help take a bite out of the over population bloom that threatens to distroy out local fishery (and have a blast doing it!)

January 11, 2010

Giant Squid fishing report from The Long Run
Squid and sharks at the Nine Mile
Friday Jan. 9th: Awesome night on the water with Nathan and a great group of local anglers aboard The Long Run.

The weather man was dead wrong about this one, guys. We were out there Friday and Saturday nights, and after the sun set and the breeze died, we could have sworn we were floating on a pond somewhere. It was so calm you could hear the porpoise talking to each other as the occasional school passed by.

The squid came calling in waves, so we moved around a little bit until we found that one spot that loaded up the boat for us. All the squid were in the 15-30 lb. range, and were caught at depths of 200 ft. or less. Best baits were the 1 or 2 lb. squid jigs tipped with a piece of fresh tentacle.

Action on the deck got pretty furious for a bit as some big blue sharks showed up and started competing for our catch. Literally had to pull a few out of the sharks’ mouths with the gaff. After pulling up a few squid with softball-sized chunks bitten out of them, we pinned on some stripped squid and flylined on 20-lb. gear for the blues, and brought a few alongside for a photo and quick release.

It was great to see some big, healthy blue sharks out there, and tons of fun stretching out the light gear.

Ended up with about 30 Humboldt squid for 6 anglers, and released 4 nice blue sharks.

Great weather and water, great guys to fish with, and great action, in January…what a blast!

Say what you like about the edibility of Humboldt squid. Personally, I think they taste great if prepared correctly, and, aside from that, are great for freezing to save as strip bait for rock cod, sharks, bass, and pelagics. It also makes for great chunk come tuna season, if you’ve got room in the freezer.

Even if you don’t care for squid at all, the chance to get out there and put your back into something heavy should be hard to pass up, especially with the great weather we’ve been having.

Tight lines !! Sat night was more of the same with some bigger models.

October 21, 2009

Kelps in this zone are still producing wide open bites on Dorado, Yellowtail, and even Yellowfin if you find the right one. Floyd Sparks “Tuna Kahuna” and John Loo found another one of those golden paddies out around the 450 today. They pulled two long drifts off the same kelp and limited on Dorado, Yellowtail, and Yellowfin to 30 lbs. Every bait was a fish, so they broke out the fly rod and took turns catching all three species on home-tied flies. Their best technique was to drop the fly back with some chum, let it drift out in the current, and give it a little twitch. 31.55 x 117.51

October 18, 2009

Excellent October fishing on The Long Run.
Fishing Report - 10/17/09

At 2 miles shy of the 1067 knuckle we had our first jigstrike at 7:45. Yellofin hit black and purple crome head feather. Put on another black n purp w amber head “zuckers” for an immediate knockdown on the first box. We chunked and got a two more on bait. We found a handful of trashcan lid kelps for a a good pick at Dodos and Yellows. Began heading to the Double 220 and the temp started dropping from 69.8 to 67.6 so we worked back North towards the 213. The firedrill of the day was spurred on by a school of Dorado under a huge Mola. Got 7 or 8 there. About half were approaching 15-20 pounds. The next paddy at 31.33.06 117.11.4 was loaded with rat Yellows and a few dorado. Came up the line towards the 390 for a few more Yellowfin and a 20 pound bull Dorado to finish the day on the 8″ pink n white Zuckers. Fish were eating the horse sardines, the iron (chrome and blue) and the feathers mentioned very well.

Not a great paddy all day but we managed 21 Yellows, 5 Yellowfin, and 12 (limits) of Dorado 5-20 pounds.

There is Zero traffic. Weather was beautiful flat and temperate. The fog rolled in thick after 7pm.

October 12, 2009

Excellent fishing and hoop netting now!

Half day on Saturday, The Long Run had sculpin baracuda smoothhough sharks, spotted bay bass, sandbass and a Juvenile Black Seabass (released)

Lobster; bugs are crawling very well right now on the downward side of the tide.  Over 110 bugs in the hoops tonight with 5 legals


The 289, 209 and 181 was definitely the hot spot for the day. Bigger size Yellowfin from 40-60lbs were taken off the porpoise today. Boats trolling cedar plugs and bright color jigs did better today than the past few weeks. One of the bigger fish came off the troll but the anglers throwing 15-20lb test with live baits had a better score.

Some boats got to the party a little late and did not end up with fish. The boats that were on the porpoise first had 6-15 fish on board.

Get in front of the porpoise and dump chum, either live baits or chunked. Toss out a flylined sardine and hold on as the porpoise come by. Reel in fish, repeat.60 to the Mushroom Between the 60 Mile bank and the Mushroom on the 118.18 line the sportboat fleet messed up the fish today. Around 65-70 miles from San Diego. Bluefin 20-40lbs with some 50lb fish in the mix, Yellowfin to 35lbs, Yellowtail 2-20lbs, Skipjack and a Dorado or Two. Lots of fish in the area. The fish took a lot of chum to get up off deep sonar marks. Once up they wanted to die. All the fish were full of small Squid. Trolling did not work. There was some puddling bluefin that did want to die once slid upon. Perfect time to hop on a 1.5 day boat with a light load.

October 6, 2009

Tuesday fishing report.

The weather has calmed and the fish are still thick at 65 miles plus.  Received a call tonight about a paddy at the 230 that produced limits for a bunch of boats. 32.23 x 117.45 was called out by Max aboard the @-EZ. The kelp produced 5 Yellowfin for a newbie that had never caught a tuna. The kid is 12 years old. The caller wanted to make sure Max got props for putting the kid on fish.

October 5, 2009

Fishing report for 10/3 and 10/4. Wide open Tuna bite 10-3.

Got an early start from San Diego Bay for a long ride south. Our plan was to head for the good fishing around the Double 220 and get on the fish before the seas picked up in the afternoon.

About 3:00 am, we can see the line of party boats from Point Loma and Mission Bay headed directly for the Double 220, maybe 10 boats in all. Looked a little crowded so we decided to run outside the fleet to the west and take the western edge of the 1010 Trench on down to the 1067 Knuckle.

Grey light produced some blind jig strikes on Skipjack as we trolled south until spotting our first paddy at around 8:00 am, and we worked it for a couple of good grade YFT before moving on.

About 9:00 am we spotted a good sized paddy at 31.38 X 117.48 with lots of birds on it, and that was all it took. The bite was wide open for about 2 hours as we loaded up both kill boxes with good grade YFT around 15 lbs., two nice Dorado, and a half dozen or so larger model YFT in the 25-35 lb. range. About as wide open a tuna bite as you can get. All 6 anglers on board engaged on bait at the same time, fish boiling all around the boat, free swimmers under the boat at 2-3 fathoms, Makos coming in for a look-see, fish all over the deck and the boat bloody from one end to the other. The kind of wide open bite you might expect in late August, only it’s not late August… it’s October.

By the time it was all over, we had drifted a half mile from our paddy and the fish were still with us. Had to leave them biting and set out the jigs in search of another fish species on our way back north. Had regular blind jig strikes heading north well past the 1010 area and boated a couple more YFT to 25 lbs.

The seas turned snotty on us as predicted, and the ride was a little rough coming back in, but well worth the trip. The fish didn’t seem to care about the weather, or the full moon. One of the toad YFT we caught had a 2 lb. Skipjack in his stomach. Thought he looked a little fat.

The seas are forecast to be rough with high winds Sunday into Monday, but after it lays down, I think this area will still be hot.

Fish count for 6 anglers: LIMITS of Yellowfin Tuna to 35 lbs., 2 Dorado

Sat night we got out and had a good grab on bugs but only 3 of 16 were legal. Left late morning to the 425 302 and 371 triangle for 6 football Yellowfin. 3 ate Zuchini broomtail zuckers and one at a short cedar. Two on bait. They are still still and thick at 65 miles. Lots of limits of YFT and many Dorado in the 20-30 pound class!

September 25, 2009

Fishing report on The Long Run - wide open fishing yesterday. Headed southwest from Point Loma on direct course for the Double 220. Figured we would work that, and the 295 and 238 areas and do a quick turnaround, but the fish never let us get that far. First light around the 32.00 line the jigs went off and it was nothing but fish from there until about the 31.45 line when we had to turn back.

Filled up the first kill box on our second stop with medium grade Yellowfin and left them biting in search of something different. Had to drag another kill box down on to the deck as paddy after patty yielded more Yellowfin, Yellowtail, and Dorado. By the time we hit the 31.45 line, everyone had limits of Yellowfin. Put the jigs in the water for a fast troll back north and had to pull them out after 3 consecutive paddies we rolled by produced more Dorado.

Calm seas and very little wind, some intermittent fog, and mostly sunny otherwise. No need to be specific about coordinates. This area is loaded with big, tight kelp paddies, and they all have fish on them.

39 Yellowfin, 10 Yellowtail, 6 Dorado, 2 Skipjack, 1 Mako (released) and 4 Blue Sharks (released).

Great weather, great fishing, and a great group of fishermen on this trip.

Heads up: Watch the fog coming back into the Coronado’s and Point Loma, it’s pretty gnarly.

September 23, 2009

Tuesday offshore fishing report from The Long Run. Rough day out on the water.  Kind of like trying to catch fish from a 42′ long mechanical bull ride.  Our plan was to ht the 1010, Double 220, 295, and 238 areas.  Heading south on towards the 1010 on the 750 line, we figured out before grey light that we would have to make some adjustments.  Mixed swells to 6 ft. and a nasty topping of 10-15 KT. winds made for a rough ride down, and it never did get any better.  This one had skunk written all over it.

Decided to cut our southerly route short and run down swell to the 295, over to Descanso Bank, and north from there. Passed up a nice band of cooler water 10.2 NM N/E of the 1010 on the 750 line because it was only 4:30 am. and we were anxious to get to the 1010 and then down swell. Figured we’d find another one, but never did.  Probably should have fished this temp break.  Water temp. dropped from 70.2 to about 67.5 for a few miles, and then back up to 70.8.  If only the seas had been calm.

Got the skunk off early with a 10# YFT and a Skippy just north of the 1010. Picked up a couple 10# YFT on the blind jig strike between the 1010 and 295.  Hit a paddy between the 295 and Descanso Bank for a couple Dorado and a 40# (yes 40#) YFT on bait.  Our client fought this fish on spinning tackle and 25# mono for about 20 minutes, what a thrill.

A couple more fish on blind jig strikes between the 295 and Descanso, and then 3 more blind jig strikes between Descanso and the Rockpile, one of them another toad YFT at about 30#. We boated 6 YFT to 40#, 3 Dorado, and a skippy for the day.  Not bad for a day you figured would produce nothing at all. Lots of color on the paddies down in these areas but very tough to fish bait today. Some good fishing to be had down in these areas, and if the seas cooperate, I think some good numbers could be had. The most encouraging sign is the YFT starting to hit the jigs again.  Purple and black with the gold head did most of the damage today.

September 18, 2009

Wednesday fishing report from The Long Run. Were it not for the persistent NW swells at about 8ft.from San Salvador Knoll to the 371 we would have had an epic day. As it is I think we boated 10 good quality Yellowfin @ 15-20 lbs.,1 toad Albacore @ 35 lbs., a couple of Skippys, and a Mako (released). Several fish lost by our clients including a monster Yellowtail, and another toad Albacore lost at gaff. The bait got pretty beat up from the swells as well and we were out of live ones by noon. We produced fish off blind jig strikes, porpoise, birds, and paddies. The 390 to the 371 line had the best fishing with the temp breaks the Albacore love.

So, if I had it to do again I would start at the 390 and head to the 371, maybe run some boxes or grids. This area is holding some good quality fish and would be a good prospect if the swells were normal. The Yellowfin are there, but about 100 yards off the paddies and you need about an ounce of lead with your live bait to get it away from the boat and down quickly.

Radio chatter has most boats west of the 9 mile and Coronado North Island. Dorado, Yellowtail, and football Yellowfin, mostly off diving Terns. We rolled through there in the late afternoon but nothing on the jigs. Sight fished a large Marlin which circled the boat just west of North Island but couldn’t get him to strike.

Long story short, there are still plenty of good, big fish out there. Start offshore in the morning and then maybe pick the Coronado’s in the afternoon. There’s probably nothing wrong with trying the line from 371 to the top of Hidden Bank either, nobody has fished this area lately and it could be a winner.

September 2, 2009

We just got back after taking 3 anglers out for 30 Yellowfin (half released) and 10 Yellowtail before 8:30am 3.7 miles shy of the 1010.  We had to pull in the feathers and troll for Marlin and Mako it was so wide open.  They were eating 60# flylined sardines…  Might just as well have been jackpoling them.  10-25 pound fish.  The conditions were beautiful.  Sunny and super glassy all day.

September 1, 2009

Excellent fishing on Saturday. Three anglers and two crew on The Long Run had 22 Yellowfin 8-25 pounds, 10 Skipjack Tuna and a 60 Pound Mako (released). We were fishing about 70 miles South at the Hidden Bank.

August 26, 2009

Yellowfin, Bluefin and Dorado are in the area south west of San Clemente island. Focus your stalking grounds between the 267 and 381 Banks. It was relayed to us that the Yellowfin and Bluefin bit well today in that area. Look for birds, breaking fish and dolphin. 32.35 x 118.40 would be a good place to look.

The main meat of fish that were south 95 miles are starting to get closer. Boats working south between 60 and 90 miles did very well today. The main chunk of fish is between the 483/500 and the 1067 Knuckele. Fish are starting to filter in with the warmer water below the 213 and 1010. We wouldn’t be surprised to see them on the lower 500 and up to the Hidden bank soon due to the SST’s showing some warmer water reaching those areas.

The fishing around the 213 and 1010 Trench was OK. No real volume of fish. 5 here 7 there, enough for private boaters to put together a good score.Black and Purple Daisy Chains and Cedar Plugs were getting the job done today. Once the boat is stopped skippers are chuming lots of bait to keep the fish around. Bait fishing is good. They are eating dead baits, plastics and megabaits as well. The bite sounded like it was between 8:00am and 10:00am.

August 21, 2009

The Long Run killed it again yesterday. We hit the 238 for 13 Yellowfin 8-20 pounds, 6 Albacore (huge ones) 30-40 pounds, one Skipjack and a Stripped Marlin 130 pounds.  We kept the Marlin but it was a good first fish…  we’re having it smoked today.

August 20, 2009

The fishing season is in full swing. Monday we had 7 Yellowfin Tuna averaging 30 pounds and 3 Albacore 20-30 pounds. We fished the 238. Plenty of fish in the 182 area starting to bite as well. Bluefin, Dorado and Yellowtail are still around too but not in the same numbers as the Yellowfin Tuna.

August 11, 2009

This morning at 85 miles from San Diego. Bearing 185°. 31.18 x 117.45 Lots of Albacore to 45 pounds, Yellowail 8-25 pounds, Dorado 4-25 pounds, Skipjack and Bluefin to 45 pounds. Also yesterday at the Salvador Knoll there was a steady pick on the 20-45 pounds Bluefin and foamers (that would sink out) from 50-80 pounds.

August 10, 2009

Bluefin went nuts yesterday within one day range.

August 6, 2009

We just returned from a 2.5 day to 110 miles South with 25 Yellowfin Tuna 20-30 pounds and 24 Yellowtail 8-25 pounds. The 6 anglers are stoked needless to say.

July 21, 2009

The exotics are showing. Yellowfin, Dorado and Bluefin are coming in volume up the line. The great catches of Albacore, Yellowtail and Makos for us recently on The Long Run are going to the some icing!

July 10, 2009

The group from 7/9/09 was stoked getting 5 Albacore to 25 pounds and 7 Yellowtail 10-15 pounds.  Many Mossbacks were lost to the kelp paddy.  The Long Run got em 90 miles South in beautiful seas.

July 6, 2009

The Long Run had 3 Makos on the way to San Clemente (released 2).  We kept an 80 pound male so as not to mess up the populations.  Diving was good with 60-80 ft visibility.  Many Sheephead, Calicos, Johnny Bass on the spear.

Offshore the fishing has been again, picking up with the weather calming down, particularly in the evenings.  The Albacore and Bluefin continue to bite from 50-80 miles down the 61.5 line.

June 25, 2009

We have a huge mass of Albacore and Bluefin that are going off right now! The schools of tuna spotted from planes are estimated at 3-20 tons and the purse seiners are getting on them.

June 22, 2009

The Albacore were not seen past the 1000 Fathom line. 117.40 to 117.10 don’t go any further west. They are very scattered right now as the first wave comes in from the south west. The fish we see now were just north of Guadalupe Island 2 weeks ago. They are traveling fish. Once they settle down it’s going to go wide open. Some are saying by mid week next week it will be WIDE OPEN. There are more fish coming.

Bluefin tuna were seen from the air on the 9 mile bank. The fish were deep and it was a small school. They are there and probably won’t bite for another two weeks.

June 21, 2009

Albacore at 38 miles from Point Loma. They’re heeeere… 3/4 day range. The season has officially begun. Bluefin are not far behind.

June 19, 2009

Limits of 30-45lb White Sea Bass on the backside of San Clemente Island were taken yesterday. They were fishing the kelpline midway between Lost Point and China Point with live squid.

On another note: the Albacore are moving fast up the line as yesterday they were hitting well on the jigs at the 238. This is one day range!!! There are Bluefin also mixed even some spotted in between the Coronados North Island and Middle Grounds. Let the trolling begin!

June 16, 2009

Yesterday the fishing was good for us again. The Long Run 6 anglers landed 1 Yellowtail, 2 reds, 1 Barracuda, 25 Sculpin, 1 Sandbass and 27 Calico Bass. Many more were lost in the kelp and to seals but a good day overall. We fished the Coronado Islands and the Point Loma Kelp.

The Tuna (Albacore and Yellowfin) are on their way (120 miles South) up. The next few weeks should get them here. It looks like a strong El Nino this year so the exotic fishing should be very good again.

June 11, 2009

The big news is that Catalina went nuts today with nearly everybody getting limits of white sea bass. This was one of those days that comes along only a couple of times a year and if you were lucky enough to be out there then you probably scored some nice fish. They also had a nice show on the yellowtail and these fish are getting a lot bigger with some models close to the 30-40 pound range.

June 10, 2009

The Long Run had 5 Yellowtail to 25 lbs yesterday at the Coronados. There were many lost to seals as well. Flylined and slow trolled sardines were the ticket. Calicos were also in the catch and could be the target if the Yellows drop off again as the afternoon half day brought of 8 per angler.

June 8, 2009

A 20 pound Halibut and some Sculpin and Baracuda composed the catch today for our half day trip on The Long Run. Out a bit further the Coronados are getting a good pick at the bigger Yelllowtail to 30 lbs (about 1.5 per angler).

June 3, 2009

This was the fish count for yesterday at the Islands:
San Diego 3/4 Day 29 anglers caught 100 Sculpin, 6 Calico Bass, 70 Bonito

June 2, 2009

La Jolla picked up yesterday afternoon. The bull kelp to the south had a really good calico bite on plastics. North West corner had a big school of 30lb yellowtail mixed with 40-60lb White Sea Bass. There were some hooked and lost on bass gear. Fish swimming around under the kayaks deep in the kelp. It’s a very early morning or late afternoon bite right now.

May 28, 2009

Fishing was epic today. I limited out on halibut (5) by noon and the smallest was 26″ and the largest just over 30″. Then I made some macks and fished the kelp line for WSB. I didn’t have any luck there, but I did get another six keeper size halibuts on macks trying for WSB. I saw two guys catch WSB today while they were trolling for Hali’s and they are in the 30-35lb range. What a great day, I was the first boat out this morning and the last to leave. I fished every single bait in a full scoop, plus another dozen macks. Aside from the halibut, I got a ton of sculpin, cuda, sandbass and a new one for me out of the pacific I believe it was a sea robin, they don’t look like atlantic sea robins, it was something between a cabby and sculpin, cool fish and decent size about three pounds. I guess this trip makes up for the last 10 halibut trips which only yeilded one legal. I still didn’t get the post spawn monster I was looking for, but I got some good one, the biggest probably goes 13-15lbs.

May 22, 2009

Barracuda are stupid right off the 5 tanks area in the Point Loma Kelp. The whole area around the kelp has log 10lb barracuda stacked up.

3/4 day boats fishing the Coronado Islands are starting to see a lot of action out of the Yellowtail. The middle grounds and North weather and lee side of South Island is where most of the action is. Lots of fish in the chumline and under the boat, some biters. Some lost to seals… The grade of fish that are being caught today are in the 25-30lb range. Today is the first day the boats have seen good current and yellowtail that want to die. The sport boat counts from San Diego should be decent today on the Yellowtail. LOTS ARE BEING LOST. 40lb test and Sardines or top water iron have been working the best. The Islands were a hot spot today! The San Diego had 20 anglers catch 10 Calico Bass, 75 Barracuda, 13 Yellowtail. we heard there were over 30 hooked.

The halibut, sandbass, calico bass and barracuda fishing remained good at the Bullring today. There was also a spattering of Yellowtail to keep everyone on their toes. Look inside of the kelp line in 40 feet of water for the bass and halibut, outside the kelp line for yellowtail and barracuda.

May 20, 2009

Decent numbers of Yellowtail have just shown up under kelp paddies off the Coronado Islands. They are running 12-20 pounds with a few runts mixed in. A few Bluefin and even ALbacore are showing at the 100 mile mark. The exotics are in and moving up fast!

May 3, 2009

Well I am sad to say we lost another big Thresher today. It was hooked for an hour and twenty minutes on an 80 international two speed with 130 lb test which eventually broke at a splice. My guys Lee and Justin estimated this fish at well over 300 pounds… Sat we had one hooked for 10 seconds or so before the hook pulled. We are going again Tuesday.

May 2, 2009

Lots of Thresher in the 200 pound class (one to 369) were landed in the last 24 hours. We had one hooked and lost a few hours ago. Hook pulled but they are out there and on the chew big time.

May 1, 2009

Just got a report of over 15 boats hooked up on Thresher sharks off the Nine Mile Bank as I type. This is the best fishing we have seen on them in 25 years I have been fishing here! The fish are averaging 200#. Please release more than one fish to help preserve this resource. They are making a recovery but are not out of the woods yet.

March 3, 2009

The Yellowtail have slowed off La Jolla thought there is a good rockfish bite going on for the half day boats. 5-10 fish per rod is the current average close to Point Loma on the International reef and 9 mile bank. There have also been good counts off North Coronado Island on Rockfishing and Lings. San Clemente is picking up on the White Sea Bass and the diving is amazing. This is a great 1.5 day trip for lobster/spear diving or fishing.

February 25, 2009

I just got word that 30-40 Yellowtail in the 40-50 pound range were caught by 8AM yesterday morning off La Jolla. They are apparently following the squid that hatched from the giant squid arrival a couple weeks ago. Monster fish too.

February 25, 2009

Just got the dope off Carlsbad. A sharkin buds friend spooled on shark gear while chumming at night. They should be here for about 6-8 weeks and La Jolla should go off soon.

October 20, 2008

We’re still out to get them!

Last weekend we hit the 390 at greylight and had doubles, triples, and quads with 4 on bait until we got limits for the 4 anglers. The fish were concentrated at 1.2 miles south of the 390. All were Albies from 8-13 pounds but fun, nonetheless. Temp was 66.5.

Sunday we did it again going to the same spot but 2.5 miles south of the 390. 10 Albies from 10-15 pounds and 2-8 pound Yellowtail. The troll fish were hitting small cedars, black and purple, and just about all of the others but not as well. We later hit the Islands for some sculpin and huge whitefish on plastics.

Almost forgot to mention the 40 or so skippies that kept us busy as well over the two days. Hoop food for those interested. The season is definitely not over.

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